Security Services

We have delivered our training and consulting services to a number of high profile international organizations and goverments, including Fortune 500 clients.

  • Software

    We provide a range of software security services, specialize in code-audits, training, develop new automated security analysis tools, reverse engineering software and protocol, security analysis of embedded systems and operating system internals.

  • Hardware

    Software security flaws can be fixed with software updates but for hardware, a fundamental security flaw might require a complete product recall or costly hardware/firmware changes. This means making the right and secure hardware and firmware designs early on in your development process is especially important.

    By deeply understanding attacks against firmware and hardware, we provide training, security engineering and auditing services for hardware and firmware solutions.

  • Blockchain

    We provide security audit services and formally verified audits for your blockchain implementation, consensus protocol, smart contracts and DApps using industry-standard security patterns and best practices.

    We have been selected as audit partner for various successful blockchain projects such as Kyber Network, Request Network, QuarkChain, Sentinel Protocol, Joyso, Tomochain.. Please contact us for sample audit reports.

    If you are looking for smart contract audit, please also check out our RK87 Smart-Contract Security Formal Verification tool.

Automatically with state-of-the-art tools

Source codes of software or firmware are tested for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities using public and in-house state-of-the-art fuzzers and security analysis tools.

Manually audit with world-class security experts

Code, binary, firmware and hardware components are manually analyzed and reviewed to look for any potential security issues by our security lab world-class experts.

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